Name Plaques

Wooden name plaques are great for childrens’ bedroom doors, beds, shelves and walls. They’re made from 16mm quality craftwood and are available in a wide range of colours.

Name Plaques are $4 per letter. Each letter is around 4–5 cm high and capitals around 10–12 cm high.

Large Name Plaques are also available at $8 per letter. Each letter is around 7-9 cm high, capitals around 15-18 cm high.

Plaque Letters are also sold individually in either size if you’d prefer multi-coloured plaques. These can be attached straight onto a door or onto a Backing Board which can then be hung like a picture.

Shelfies are another option and are designed to sit comfortably on a flat surface. Shelfies are $5 per letter and are made in all capital letters.

Backing Boards ($14) and Stands ($12) are also available as optional extras.

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